I Deaf Women

European Forum

18th, 19th and 20th October 2018, Valencia

"Deaf Women in Movement"

I Deaf Women
European forum

The I Deaf Women European Forum will take place in Valencia, during 18th, 19th and 20th October, which under the heading “Deaf Women in Movement”, aims to be a space for debate, exchange of experiences and deaf women active participation, useful to encourage both their leadership and political participation and to incorporate gender perspective in governance and in the approach of measures and actions in European and national deaf associative movement.


The Spanish National Confederation of the Deaf (CNSE), is a social NGO and a national non-profit and state-approved organization, since their foundation the 14th June, 1936.

CNSE’s purpose is to protect and empower deaf people and their families, focusing on strengthening their federation and autonomous association network, as well as the defense of the Spanish Sign Language and Catalan Sign Language as a fundamental right.

Concerning gender equality, CNSE has specific lines of action since 1994, date inwhich CNSE’s Women Comission was formed, currently called Gender Equality Area. Since then, CNSE is working through the promotion of numerous actions in support ofgender equality and the deaf women rights defense, both inside and outside the deaf associative movement.

Seventeen deaf people federations, one for each autonomous community and the city of Melilla, compose the Spanish National Confederation of the Deaf. Moreover, CNSE is member of EUD and WDF.


The Deaf People Federation of the Valencian Community (FESORD CV) is a non-profit and non-governmental organization, founded the 26th August, 1978. The entity represents and defends deaf people associations’ interests, as well as deaf people themselves and their families in the Valencian Community.

FESORD CV’s purpose is to achieve deaf people full citizenship, through the rights defence and to aim equal opportunities in all areas of daily life, ensuring accesibility to communication and respect to the bilingual status.

It is the deaf people, deaf people families Formation Refence Center. Through our provincial agencies, accessible resources are offered in order to meet, intervene or mediate with the needs of deaf people, hearing impaired people and their families.

Twelve local associations and two sectoral ones, whose work is to promote deaf women and youth rights, compose the Deaf People Federation of the Valencian Community. Moreover, FESORD CV is member of the Spanish National Confederation of the Deaf.